How to Create an Ecommerce Checkout Experience Shoppers Don’t Hate?

Have you ever been a victim of a terrible online checkout experience? Some of you might have visited a website where browsing over different products and services becomes a nightmare. You would want to get products and services from a simple website designed such as Panama towing that ensures customers get what they are looking for easily. It all boils down to simplicity – The more options you give prospects, the complicated the process, and more barriers to doing business with you.

If you are looking forward to setting up a simple and seamless eCommerce website for your business, here are some of the best practices to go by.

Don’t require registration or login

It is important and worth reiterating this point. When someone is excited about a purchase, they want it and want it immediately. With the urge they feel they are a minute away from completing a purchase, only to find they have added few minutes because they are required to complete registration.  They have already been through the registration process and can’t remember their login information so no need to subject them through the same process of something they would struggle to remember.

Let shoppers save personal data

On the flip side, shoppers that don’t choose to register with your site before completing their purchase would be able to benefit from faster checkouts. This means you will have saved certain pieces of personal information with their permission, on issues such as names and credit card information. Ensure you can implement a mechanism to have shoppers save some of their information as it will fasten the checkout process in the future.

Make it short and simple

Even if the checkout process seems quick and easy to you, it might not feel the same for every shopper. There are a number of tactics you can use to keep visitors from becoming increasingly overwhelmed. You can break up the checkout process into steps across multiple pages starting with basic information such as name and email address and finalizing with the payment information.

Give indicators of progress

A multi-step checkout approach will have some pitfalls when not executed in the right way. If a shopper has no idea how many steps are involved, they may assume they are so far from completing a purchase. You can use graphics and other related animations to break up the checkout into the number of steps required. Each step should be clearly numbered and labeled, with the current step highlighted to reinforce progress.

Make complementary product recommendations

You might think of cross-selling and upselling as opportunities because these tactics can be used to drive more revenue. That’s right, however, it also makes for a happier customer if they choose to take advantage of suggested product recommendations. Businesses use different data analytics applications to study shopper’s behavior and offer appropriate product recommendations based on the same.

If you have to set forms, ensure all of them are set in a logical flow, right from contact information, shipping information, billing information, among others.

Simple Steps to Getting Better Clients

Working with better clients has many advantages. Businesses such as have been able to withstand a storm and grow to profitability thanks to great relationships it has forged with clients. With better clients, there is prompt payments and improved cash flow, which is key to driving a business forward. However, for many businesses, bad clients are very common. There are those clients you have to always chase for payments, which becomes even tough during economic times like we are facing now.

So, what do you do if you want to find better clients? Here are some simple ways to go about it.

Define your ideal client

If you currently have a client you consider to be better than others, use that client to come up with a quick persona that defines who they are. Ensure you know what makes them a perfect client. It is because they are easy to work with you, or is it because they pay on time? Is it because they give you a constant stream of work or because they give you a lot of referrals? Enjoying what you do is just as important as getting paid, so always ensure you enjoy what you do.


Consider where your clients hang out

There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to find out where your clients hang out. Find out the type of websites they frequently visit. Get to know the social media platforms they frequently visit. Do they belong to any Facebook group? When offline, which events do they attend? You need to survey your customers using tools that will give you the results you want. If you can know where your clients hang out, you are poised to attract and connect with them.


Find and connect with better clients

Once you know where your clients hang out, it is time to connect with them and build key relations. For the websites they visit, you need to write educational and informative content that establishes you as a thought leader. Ensure you are active on social media and always connect with your clients. Share content that is relevant to your industry and always post frequently.


Perfect your pitch

Finding and connecting with clients is one thing, and reaching out to them and selling your services is another thing and the most important for that matter. Ensure your pitch is on point and tailored and directed to the right person. You can create a tailored pitch for each client so that you connect with them better. Anything that will create a difference in your life will take some time and effort, so never relent in your efforts.


Offer unique value

You can attract better clients by offering unique value. You need to nail down your value proposition as doing so will help in attracting better customers. Spend time working on your proposition and include it in key pages on your website. An effective value proposition will convey a simple message that highlights the unique value and targets specific customers. For the content, you provide for your clients, ensure it has a good headline, bullet points, sublime, images, and video.

Ways to Get Around Indonesia

train stationIndonesia is an amazing country full of life. A vacation in Indonesia can entail a lot of traveling. With more than 17,000 islands, there may be a lot of places you would want to visit before the end of your trip to this archipelago in Oceania. Delays are common in all forms of transport in Indonesia – including major flights, due to weather problems and other related conditions.

Car Hire

Car hires are available from many international and local companies. It is possible to hire a car or a limo service to have them take you around Indonesia. Cars can be hired for as little as $10 per day, and they come in handy when you want to traverse the many islands of Indonesia. Traffic flows on the left side of the road. There are thousands of scooters moving on the road and at times they can be a menace to smooth traffic.

Outdoor and Leisure Activities to Do in Bali, Indonesia

Kuta_Indonesia_SurferBali is a popular island in Indonesia. Anyone visiting the country finds themselves in Bali for one way or another. Despite the somewhat small size, there are so many adventurous tasks to do in Bali. Among tourists, the most popular types of fun in Bali come in the form of outdoor activities and adventure. The outdoor activities can be more challenging than doing tasks such as those in White water rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, golfing, bungee jumping and much more awaits.

Whether you are coming from North America, Europe or whichever part of the world, Bali has a lot of interesting outdoor activities to raise your adrenaline. It is time to break free from your routine day to day office tasks, businesses or services and head out to Bali.

Best Times to Visit Indonesia

ecotourismWhen deciding to visit Indonesia, it depends much on what you are planning to do and not the weather. Due to Indonesia being close to the equator, the country has a fairly even climate throughout the year. This means that the country can be visited all year-round. The major things to note is that roads can be closed in wet seasons, and volcanoes can be closed for climbing due to safety reasons.

Weather Overview

Weather in Indonesia can be split into two major seasons – wet and dry. The country experiences warm tropical temperatures that average about 28°C during the day and throughout the year. In the country, the dry season spans from May to September and this is the most popular time to visit Indonesia.

The wet season in Indonesia is between October and April, with rainfall occurring in both short and heavy bursts. Some regional exceptions such as North Sulawesi experience rain in June and July. During wet seasons, temperatures remain high and rain comes in the form of hard tropical downpours lasting a couple of hours.

Visiting Indonesia

Tourism in IndonesiaDuring the wet season that start from the late November to April, at times roads can be closed and trekking routes closed for safety reasons. It is best to perform a quick double check of how such will affect your itinerary. The months of May to May and October via November can sometimes be unpredictable in terms of weather. Prices and crowds drop, with temperatures remaining cool, to make such periods perfect for trekking.

The Months of December to February are characterized by a lot of rains which make areas such as Flores and Sumatra virtually inaccessible due to washed out roads and closed ferries. However, during such months, your itinerary should include places such as Bali and Kalimantan, which experience more stable climates.

If you are interested in visiting Java, avoid the end of July due to Indonesia’s Lebaran celebrations which make transport to be chaotic due to large crowds. When you are drawing your itinerary, you should be guided by the most visited islands and the months tourists flock to such areas.

The best time to visit Java is during the dry season spanning from the months of May to September. These months are hot, dry and sunny. Best times to visit Bali are from April to September where these months are characterized by blue skies and sunshine. The islands comprising of Nusa Tenggara including those of Flores, Lombok, Sumba and Gili Islands are best to access between April and September.