Best Islands you Need to Visit in Indonesia

gili islandsIndonesia can be found between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and directly above the equator. The county is home to a staggering 17,500 islands of which some are inhabited. As the world’s biggest archipelago, it is safe to say that no other country has as many islands as Indonesia. Each of these islands has their unique allure and charm. Each has spectacular shapes with varied landscapes that comprise of rich flora and fauna.

Here is a couple of the unique and famous islands in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat is situated off the northwest of the world’s largest island – the Papua. Raja Ampat is home to the most diverse marine life on earth. The island comprises of a multitude of gorgeous coral reefs and hundreds of water creatures. Underwater explorers take their turns to spot huge mantas swimming over the corals. There are the dancing translucent jelly fish and a school of other rare fish species. There is also the endangered hawkbill sea turtle.

Belitung Islands

The Belitung island is a tropical island that sits in the middle of Karimata Strait. These islands will captivate you for its outstanding landscape. The island plays home to Malay and Chinese Hakka inhabitants. The landscapes are the main setting for the phenomenal Indonesian movie called Laskar Pelangi. The white sand beaches are dotted with oval granite boulders and feature crystal blue water.

Flores Island

Flores islandFlores island is one of the lesser Sunda islands in Indonesia. It derives its name from Portuguese which means flowers. The island is undeniably one of the incredible scenic beauties Indonesia has. The island offers plenty of activities. It is best known as a gateway to Komodo island. A fascinating attraction on the islands is the collection of crater lakes on Mount Kelimutu which is known to change colors frequently due to the associated mineral and chemical alterations resulting from volcanic gas.

Gili Islands

At the west coast of Lombok are three small islands namely Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, which portray nothing other than exceptional natural beauty. There are white sandy beaches which comprise of crystal clear ocean with soft winds, which make these islands a tourist’s dream place. The reefs are bristling with tiny marine animals that decorate this paradise. The islands provide a dynamic environment for those looking forward to a fabulous nightlife. On the other hand, Gili Air and Gili Meno welcomes couples to enjoy their love and honeymoon.


Not far from the Gilis seats Lombok islands, another tropical jewelry that you require to experience. Lombok islands is a four-hour ferry journey from Bali. At this island, there are beaches such as Kuta beach comprising of white sands that are washed by little waves. There is the surrounding Tanjung Aan beach that is tremendously superb to visit. Additionally, your bucket list destination of Lombok islands should include the Pink beach which has pinkish-red sand and clear green waters. It also has a cliff to jump into the sea.