Best Times to Visit Indonesia

ecotourismWhen deciding to visit Indonesia, it depends much on what you are planning to do and not the weather. Due to Indonesia being close to the equator, the country has a fairly even climate throughout the year. This means that the country can be visited all year-round. The major things to note is that roads can be closed in wet seasons, and volcanoes can be closed for climbing due to safety reasons.

Weather Overview

Weather in Indonesia can be split into two major seasons – wet and dry. The country experiences warm tropical temperatures that average about 28°C during the day and throughout the year. In the country, the dry season spans from May to September and this is the most popular time to visit Indonesia.

The wet season in Indonesia is between October and April, with rainfall occurring in both short and heavy bursts. Some regional exceptions such as North Sulawesi experience rain in June and July. During wet seasons, temperatures remain high and rain comes in the form of hard tropical downpours lasting a couple of hours.

Visiting Indonesia

Tourism in IndonesiaDuring the wet season that start from the late November to April, at times roads can be closed and trekking routes closed for safety reasons. It is best to perform a quick double check of how such will affect your itinerary. The months of May to May and October via November can sometimes be unpredictable in terms of weather. Prices and crowds drop, with temperatures remaining cool, to make such periods perfect for trekking.

The Months of December to February are characterized by a lot of rains which make areas such as Flores and Sumatra virtually inaccessible due to washed out roads and closed ferries. However, during such months, your itinerary should include places such as Bali and Kalimantan, which experience more stable climates.

If you are interested in visiting Java, avoid the end of July due to Indonesia’s Lebaran celebrations which make transport to be chaotic due to large crowds. When you are drawing your itinerary, you should be guided by the most visited islands and the months tourists flock to such areas.

The best time to visit Java is during the dry season spanning from the months of May to September. These months are hot, dry and sunny. Best times to visit Bali are from April to September where these months are characterized by blue skies and sunshine. The islands comprising of Nusa Tenggara including those of Flores, Lombok, Sumba and Gili Islands are best to access between April and September.