Simple Steps to Getting Better Clients

Working with better clients has many advantages. Businesses such asĀ have been able to withstand a storm and grow to profitability thanks to great relationships it has forged with clients. With better clients, there is prompt payments and improved cash flow, which is key to driving a business forward. However, for many businesses, bad clients are very common. There are those clients you have to always chase for payments, which becomes even tough during economic times like we are facing now.

So, what do you do if you want to find better clients? Here are some simple ways to go about it.

Define your ideal client

If you currently have a client you consider to be better than others, use that client to come up with a quick persona that defines who they are. Ensure you know what makes them a perfect client. It is because they are easy to work with you, or is it because they pay on time? Is it because they give you a constant stream of work or because they give you a lot of referrals? Enjoying what you do is just as important as getting paid, so always ensure you enjoy what you do.


Consider where your clients hang out

There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to find out where your clients hang out. Find out the type of websites they frequently visit. Get to know the social media platforms they frequently visit. Do they belong to any Facebook group? When offline, which events do they attend? You need to survey your customers using tools that will give you the results you want. If you can know where your clients hang out, you are poised to attract and connect with them.


Find and connect with better clients

Once you know where your clients hang out, it is time to connect with them and build key relations. For the websites they visit, you need to write educational and informative content that establishes you as a thought leader. Ensure you are active on social media and always connect with your clients. Share content that is relevant to your industry and always post frequently.


Perfect your pitch

Finding and connecting with clients is one thing, and reaching out to them and selling your services is another thing and the most important for that matter. Ensure your pitch is on point and tailored and directed to the right person. You can create a tailored pitch for each client so that you connect with them better. Anything that will create a difference in your life will take some time and effort, so never relent in your efforts.


Offer unique value

You can attract better clients by offering unique value. You need to nail down your value proposition as doing so will help in attracting better customers. Spend time working on your proposition and include it in key pages on your website. An effective value proposition will convey a simple message that highlights the unique value and targets specific customers. For the content, you provide for your clients, ensure it has a good headline, bullet points, sublime, images, and video.