Fun Things to Do in Jarkata, Indonesia

jakartaJakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and can at times get messy because of congestion and the busy nature of the capital. The city measures 662 square kilometers and consists of more than 30 million people. Exploring this city can be a daunting task as very little information exists about tourist attractions.

Admittedly, we can’t deny the traffic and pollution of the city. However, the ultimate attraction of Jakarta is that it is very safe and has a lot to offer. If you decide to be in Jakarta for a day or week, there are plenty of places that can be of interest to you. Jakarta is filled with lots of sightseeing and tourist attractions. There are lots of shopping malls, nightlife, fun, and food.

We may not be able to exhaust all that Jakarta has for visitors fairly. Discussed are some of the best things you can do while on your visit to Jakarta.

Jakarta’s Nightlife

Jakarta city gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy best bars with amazing views. Bars and restaurants such as Skye Bra and the Cloud Lounge offer guests a sample of the goodies the nightlife has. As you enjoy the nightlife, you get a chance to experience the panoramic views of Jakarta’s skyline – meaning the best time to visit is starting from sunset. You will need to dress up for the party as nightlife here is full of life.

National Facilities

When we talk about national facilities, these include the National Museum, National Monument, and the National Gallery. The national museum is two centuries old, and it is an iconic center to visit. It houses lots of information on ethnological, historical, archaeological and geographical data. The national monument stands to symbolize the fight for Indonesia and was constructed by President Sukramo. The national gallery houses a lot of culture and visual arts elements.

Shopping Experience

shoppingIf shopping is your ideal thing, then rest assured Jakarta offers a lot in terms of shopping. There are high end to budget shopping from malls to markets. Malls here offer more than just a shopping experience. You can eat and drink for a wide choice of local delicacies.

You can enjoy the best of bargain shopping in metropolitan Jakarta from the high-end exclusive malls and luxurious shops. There are a lot of items you can buy at pocket-friendly prices. Best places to do you shopping include; Blok M, Pasar Baru, Internation trade center Mangga Dua, Tanah Abang Market among others.