Indonesia Travel Guide and Advice

Map_of_IndonesiaIndonesia is blessed with ancient monuments, delicious cuisines, exquisite wildlife, stunning beaches and numerous distinct cultures. It is a diverse nation with thousands of islands stretching a distance roughly that of New York to London. To make the most of your time at Indonesia, you need to exercise careful planning.

It is surprisingly easy to get to Indonesia from the mainland Southern Asia. From Malaysia, there are daily ferries that depart from different cities including Port Klang, Penang, Malacca, Port Dickson, Kukup and Tanjung Belungkor. When you are in search of a quiet beach that can be better from the more crowded areas such as Canggu in Bali, you can then choose for Pantai Seseh. There are many places of natural beauty that you should consider adding to your itinerary.

Living Indonesia on a Budget

Indonesia has about 18,000 islands of which about one-third are inhabited. It makes up the fourth most populated country in the world, with the largest population being Muslims. The fastest way to travel to Indonesia is by plane, although it is the most expensive means. There a couple of local airlines such are Lion Air and Garuda. Another way to travel around Indonesia is by plane.

You can make use of the PELNI which is the main ferry company in the country. You can also choose to travel around Indonesia by use of boats. Boats have several classes of tickets, and you can decide between slow one and fast moving type.

touring indonesiaTourists flock Indonesia for a relaxing and beautiful island vacation which includes exotic rainforests and stunning beaches. The most visited destination in Indonesia is Bali. This country holds the second largest tropical forest in the world. The largest ethnic group in the country is Javanese with Islam being the most prevalent religion.

Despite being one of the commonly visited countries by travelers in the world, Indonesia remains a budget travel destination. However, those touring the beaches tend to spend more than those vacationing on the inland options. Your greatest expense would most probably be on transportation.

There are plenty of options when it comes to dining or boarding comfortable and luxurious hotels. There are also many reasonably priced options as compared to western counterparts. Those visiting Indonesia will equally be thrilled by the experience they will get from this country.

Touring Indonesia

There are many tourist attraction areas and centers in Indonesia. Top of these is three, which include Borobudur, Bali and Lake Toba. Borobudur is a beautiful Buddhist Temple dating back to the 19th century. It’s Gupta style architecture shows the best of Indian influence in the area, and it’s a common destination for many pilgrimages.

Bali comprises of beautiful beaches, fantastic nightlight and an excellent destination to see the best of flora and fauna. Bali’s diverse and impressive nature is the reason why many people choose to visit the island.

Another top attraction is Lake Toba in Sumatra. It is the largest volcanic lake in the world offering breathtaking views. The lake measures 100 km in length and 30km in width, with its deepest point being 505 meters.

Food In Indonesia

food in indonesiaIndonesia is made up of numerous islands, and here, visitors are exposed to lots sea foods in different cuisines. The easiest and cheapest meal to find in these hotels is fried rice, served with sea foods. However, you should be adventurous and seek out other options as they come in plenty. Among the most popular foods in Indonesia is Nasi Goreng, which literally means fried rice – a traditional food available all over Indonesia.

Nasi Goreng is made up of precooked rice that is sweetened by soy sauce, garlic, shallots, tamarind, and chilies, among other ingredients. There is also a slightly different version that is made up of dried fish and a subtly different flavor. Another common meal is the Bakmi, which is a thin egg noodle dish that is boiled and served with vegetable topping or meat.

Another popular dish is the Perkedel which consist of deep fried potato patties often served with meat or vegetables. These mashed potatoes are flavored with garlic, spices, and shallots. They are then dipped in egg and deep fried and often served alongside chicken based soup.