Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Indonesia

BaliIndonesia is a country that is abundantly rich in cultural diversity playing home to more than 300 ethnic groups and 700 different languages. It is among the biggest countries in the world, in terms of population and counts more than 17,000 magnificent islands, where some are still not yet explored. Indonesia is ranked as the 4th most beautiful country in the world and attracts many awards.

With long sandy beaches, unique diving spots with more than 100 species of coral, virgin rain forest jungles and friendly and smiling locals. This Asian nation is made up of volcanic islands, and it can never be short of jaw-dropping beautiful places to visit.

Due to the size of this country, it is a noble idea to plan your trip properly to maximize your time while seeing the best the country has to offer. Tourists get an excellent opportunity to explore beaches, volcanoes and jungles and other amazing features of flora and fauna which you would probably not see in any other part of the world. Here are some remarkable and outstanding places to tour.


Most travelers start their Indonesian journey in the most famous island of the country called Bali. Bali acts as one of the most famous destinations to make your trip a memorable one. It is labeled as the island of Gods and is bounded by a breathtaking natural beauty. At this island, you can relax at white sand beaches and enjoy a beautiful feeling from experience. There are great waves and clear waters that reflect the bright blue sky, giving everyone a reason to visit this place.

Komodo Island

The Komodo island can be found in Sumbawa in West Nusa Tenggara. At this location, you get the opportunity to spot Komodo Dragon, an ancient reptile. You will equally enjoy many blissful sandy beaches as you relax on the island. If you get enough of the beaches, you can go deeper and enjoy the best of marine life.


JakartaJakarta is Indonesia’s, and almost every visitor entering the country finds themselves visiting it. It is a significant international hub serving many airlines everywhere in the world. Your stay at the city won’t be complete without getting absorbed into the hectic and congested city. At this city, you will come across plenty of treasures, nightlife and shopping havens.


Yogyakarta is an excellent place to visit in Indonesia. The place has everything of value, from ancient attractions to shopping centers, food, and culture. You can explore the main street and the narrow valleys as you search for puppet makers, silversmiths, food vendors among other things. Yogyakarta serves as a hub for historical and cultural Java. At this place, you can find magnificent temples and other attractions.

West Sumatra

At West Sumatra, we are advising you to visit Lake Maninjau. In this region, many unspoiled natural wonders are lying in this lake. The lake results from a volcanic crater and seats 461 meters above the sea. The lake is one of the most serene, calm and quiet places in the country as you enjoy the best out of the hustle and bustle of large cities.