Outdoor and Leisure Activities to Do in Bali, Indonesia

Kuta_Indonesia_SurferBali is a popular island in Indonesia. Anyone visiting the country finds themselves in Bali for one way or another. Despite the somewhat small size, there are so many adventurous tasks to do in Bali. Among tourists, the most popular types of fun in Bali come in the form of outdoor activities and adventure. The outdoor activities can be more challenging than doing tasks such as those in https://fredericksburgvatowing.com/. White water rafting, mountain climbing, hiking, golfing, bungee jumping and much more awaits.

Whether you are coming from North America, Europe or whichever part of the world, Bali has a lot of interesting outdoor activities to raise your adrenaline. It is time to break free from your routine day to day office tasks, businesses or services and head out to Bali.

Here are some of the top activities you can do in Bali.

Hiking along Mount Batur

Mount Batur presents an excellent place for those who want to go hiking in Bali. It is a great place for tourists to enjoy nature and hiking. The mountain is located to the east of Bali and has an active volcano. The sunset scenes are one thing you should not miss when hiking in this mountain. The mountain gives tourists a chance to ascend up to 1700m making it the ultimate outdoor activity for those entering Bali.

White Water Rafting

raftingOne of the most popular activities in Bali is white water rafting. It is an exercise for tourists that gives them a chance to view what Bali has to offer regarding its lush green scenery, rice terraces, and rivers. The perfect rivers to white water rafting are Telagawaja and Ayung Rivers. There are excellent rafting packages inclusive of lunch, insurance, showers, towels and shopping around.

Free Diving

Free diving is an awesome way to get up close and personal with some of the incredible diving destinations in the world. Underwater enthusiast can enjoy a broad range of marine experiences as they dive. Since Bali is known to be at the center of a coral triangle, it can be quite beautiful to explore these underwater scenes.

Surfing and Kite Surfing

Bali is arguably one of the best surfing spots in the world. The west coast of the island is laden with tourists who flock to undertake surfing activities. Everyone, from beginners to pros are welcomed to surf. There are surfing classes and guides for beginners. Other outdoor activities you can try include canyoning, golfing, trekking, snorkeling among others.