Smart Travel Tips When Getting Around Indonesia

visaIndonesia is a fantastic place to visit. From exploring tropical paradise of Gili islands, famous beaches of Bali, large cities of Java and the volcanoes of Lombok, there are many different places and attractions to visit. We have prepared these short travel guide tips to help our readers planning to get around Indonesia do so on a budget.

The general advice is given to caution travelers to pay close attention to their security at all times. When visiting Australia, you should keep watch of the media about possible new safety or security risks. If you decide to travel, do proper research to take charge of a range of safety precautions, including having backup plans. Check with your travel insurer to have them cover you.

Entry and Exit

The Indonesia government allows for visa free short visits, for those visits not extending 30 days. There are 169 countries on the list of those exempted from visa, and you might consider confirming your country to see if it is listed. If you intend to stay in Indonesia for more than 30days, apply for a visa from the embassy or consulate of Indonesia. If you prefer to get a visa on arrival, be sure to pay around $35. Some airlines flying to Jakarta and Bali offer visa processing to their onboard passengers.


transportThere are various modes of transportation to help you get around Indonesia. Efficient ferry services are controlled by state owned Pelni company, which operate ferries 24 hours per day. Apart from ferries, you can use the public transportation of a bus. Buses can be slow due to heavy traffic, and if you are on a budget, you can opt for a car hire to take you around the major towns.

Despite the heavy traffic, hiring a car can be a better option as compared to driving yourself. In the case of a car breakdown or an equal unfortunate, you won’t have to worry seeking related services such as those offered by Abingdon towing service. Another option of getting around Indonesia is by use of scooters, which are available all the times. Use of scooters can be quite efficient as you can hire one for as little as $7 for a whole day.

Local Laws

While in Indonesia, you need to observe local laws to avoid colliding with the law enforcers. You are subject to all set local laws and penalties, and these can be quite harsh. If you are arrested or jailed, your mother government with be notified to come to your aid. Drug laws include a death penalty. Even small possessions of drugs include hefty fines and imprisonment. Police crack down illegal drug use especially in places such as Bali and Jakarta.


Visitors entering Indonesia are advised to take comprehensive travel insurance before departing to cover overseas medical costs. It is important to examine your physical and mental health before traveling especially if you have an existing medical condition. Consider getting vaccinated before you travel. Be careful on the kind of foods and drinks you take on the streets to avoid cases of food poisoning.