Strange foods that you might not want to try in Bali

Strange foods are something that not many people are willing to try. However, there are some people that are traveling and really want to have the full experience of the country that you are going to. If this is you, and you want to consider eating different foods, then you might find this interesting when you are going to Bali on holiday. For the rest of the people, this might sound really weird and not delicious at all. You should decide yourself.

Deep fried dragonflies

In most other countries, you are going to see dragonflies and consider them really beautiful insects that are harmless. You like them, but you will not want to touch them or let them fly into you.

However, if you are walking in Bali, you might just see children chasing the dragonflies, trying to catch them. And, this isn’t a game. They are hunting them to deep fry it. For the people of Bali this is a treat and something that can be served with or without a side dish.

Sago worms

Okay, not many of us like seeing worms, or even considering touching them. However, in Bali the sago worms are considered a delicacy. These worms are really big, fat worms that are looking nasty instead of delicious.

If you are eating in a restaurant and they are offering you a stew, you might want to make sure about what the ingredients of this stew might be. This is because most of these stews have some sago worms in as ingredients. For them, this is something that is making any stew extra special.

Cobra blood

With the dragonflies and the sago worms, you might think that there aren’t any more crazy and strange foods that you can find in Bali. However, this isn’t true at all. You might be surprised to find out that there is a drink that especially men are drinking that you might want to pass.

You might even think that this is an exotic cocktail when you read cobra blood on the menu. But, be careful, this isn’t an exotic cocktail, but really the blood of a cobra. And, to make it worse the blood is still warm. They belief in this drinks, but you might not find this tasty at all.

Traveling to all parts of the world, it normally means that you are coming across some strange foods that you can eat. Food that you might not consider eating at all, at home. When you are visiting Bali, you will find that there is some really weird food that only people with a “strong” stomach can consume. Things like dragonflies, sago worms and even real cobra blood. But, if you want to have the full Bali experience, you might want to ask locals where you can get some of these tasty snacks to try.